The Career Place welcomes you.

Adaptive Technology Resources at The Career Place

  • Wheelchair-accessible computers
  • JAWS technology to assist individuals with impaired vision or blindness
  • Telephone with enlarged number pads
  • Computer keyboards with enlarged keys
  • More adaptive technology

The Mass. Rehab. Commission provides services onsite at The Career Place. Services are available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call The Career Place at 781.932.5575 or call directly to Matt Ellard at Mass Rehab at 781.324.7160, ext. 316.

American Sign Language interpretation is available with 2 weeks advance notice. Please email Gayle Sommer at

Learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act:

ADA Business Connection
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

For additional assistance at The Career Place, please contact:
Gayle Sommer at 781.932.5513 or