Free Workshops

Pre-registration is required for all free workshops.

Please pre-register at our front desk or by calling 781.932.5500 (press 8).

Personal/Professional Development

15-Minute Résumé Critique
A brief critique of your résumé to determine an appropriate format, eliminate extraneous information, and recommend additions to help you rewrite your self-marketing tool. Please bring updated résumé. Sessions held daily, times vary. Please schedule your appointment at the front desk or call 781.932.5500 (press 8). - Free.
Age is an Advantage
Learn how to respond to age-related interview questions and why age can be an advantage in your job search. Topics include discrimination laws, résumé tips and general strategies. - Free. calendar
Career Center Seminar
Individuals who have been laid-off may receive a letter from Unemployment Insurance asking them to attend a Career Center Seminar. If you receive a letter, you will be instructed to call the Automated Career Center Seminar scheduling system to schedule your seminar attendance. The primary goal of this seminar is to connect people who are looking for a job to the job-search resources available at Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers. - Free.
Craft a Job-Winning Cover Letter
Your cover letter is your formal introduction to a prospective employer! Learn about the two basic types of cover letters and how they will gain you an interview. - Free. calendar
Get Started Formatting your Résumé
In this course you will learn how to format and save a résumé using Microsoft Word. You will learn tips and techniques to make your résumé stand out to an employer. You will also learn to save your résumé in a scannable format. - Free. calendar
Hidden Job Market
Learn how to develop contacts, establish networks, arrange informational interviews, research and identify resources, and expand your job search strategy. - Free. calendar
Interview Preparation / Interview Boot Camp
Advance preparation for an interview will contribute to your success. Organize your interview questions and prepare for what you may be asked. Discuss the do’s and don’ts for interviews, appearance, and body language. - Free. calendar
Interview Questions: How to Master Them
Do you need more practice answering interview questions? Practice makes perfect! This is your chance to strive for perfection - or at least a comfortable level of confidence for interviewing. Attendees will have multiple opportunities to practice answering questions. Prerequisite: Interview Preparation and Behavioral Interviewing. - Free. calendar
LinkedIn Training
Learn tips on how to build your LinkedIn profile and how to build a network for your job search. -Free. calendar
Malden Outreach
Customers receiving TAFDC may be eligible for specific programs and services designed to assist their transition from welfare to work. Orientation, assessments, and other services are offered at our Malden location. - Free.
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)
A representative from MRC, a state agency which assists individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities to gain or retain employment, will be at The Career Place to meet with people with disabilities. Please schedule an appointment. - Free. calendar
Online Skills Assessment
Your skills, interests, and values are vital factors in choosing an occupational direction. These factors, in combination with labor market projections, will help you make good career decisions. Learn how the MASS-CIS software program will guide you in this important process. Prerequisite: basic computer skills. - Free. calendar
Résumé - Cover Letter Overview
In this one-and-a-half hour session, you will learn about résumé styles used by professional résumé writers, and which style best suits your job search. Learn the two basic types of cover letters and how to write a cover letter. You will learn how to effectively present your experience and skills to gain you an interview. - Free. calendar
Skills Assessment Options
The goal of this workshop is to help you learn about yourself, your job choices, and your career. With the Holland Self-Directed Search, you will assess your skills, interests, and abilities. These are vital factors in choosing an occupation that can help you make better career decisions. - Free. calendar
Successful Job Fair Strategies
Never been to a job fair or want to be better prepared? Sign-up for this workshop and learn how to make the most of a job fair. You will learn the benefits of a job fair and why you should participate (what to do before, during and after the event). - Free. See more tips for a successful job fair →
Training Options
You may be eligible to attend training programs that The Career Place runs free-of-charge. These programs include WorkSmart Microsoft Office Specialist, Customer Service Excellence programs and off-site training. This session also covers other funding options. Sign up to inquire about your eligibility. - Free. calendar
Twitter - Using Twitter in Your Job Search
Learn to reinforce your personal brand by showing your professional expertise. If you want to get a jump on your competition, your job search should include active Twitter engagement. Twitter can help you find key decision makers and accelerate your networking. - Free. calendar
Premium (nominal fee) Services are also available
You may qualify for free or reduced cost Premium Services →

Technical Development

Basic Computer Skills
Learn the concepts and terminology of the personal computer. Learn how to use the Windows desktop as well as the internet. Note: If you need keyboarding skills, online tutorials are available. Please inquire with staff in our Career Resource Library. - Free. calendar
Internet Job Search
Learn the importance of keyword search skills and how to focus your job search using The Career Place website, job boards, Google and LinkedIn to find jobs and company information. Prerequisite: Basic Computer Skills. - Free. calendar
Prepares you for the 4-week WorkSmart Microsoft Office Training Program and is strongly recommended. Must be registered for WorkSmart to attend. - Free. calendar
Premium (nominal fee) Services are also available
You may qualify for free or reduced cost Premium Services →

Financial Workshops (led by visiting financial advisor)

Financial Management: How Financial Success Happens
Learn financial strategies that can help you manage your debt, avoid financial errors, protect your assets, take control of your cash flow, invest wisely and retirement dos and don'ts. - Free. calendar
Stock Market Savvy
Are you losing money on your mutual funds but still paying capital gains taxes? Do you have losses in your portfolio and you’re not sure what to do next? Learn about asset allocation, protection strategies in a falling stock market, and how to sell highly appreciated property without paying capital gains taxes. Come to this workshop for ideas and suggestions. - Free. calendar
Strategies that can Increase Your Social Security
What you don't know could cost you! Learn how to maximize your Social Security benefits. 74% of Americans voluntarily receive reduced retirement income. If you are between ages 58 and 67, do not miss this seminar! - Free. calendar
Taxes and Your Unemployment
Confused about how unemployment will affect your taxes? Bring your questions and join us for a free workshop facilitated by H&R Block. Topics covered: Unemployment benefits – how your taxes are affected, deductible job search expenses, relocation expenses and withdrawals from your retirement plans. - Free. calendar
Understanding Your Retirement Benefits
Making informed financial decisions is a critical factor when leaving employment, or looking for new employment. Learn about the choices and traps of 401(k) rollovers, compounding savings in a tax-deferred account, and the Roth IRA - tax-free income - when you need it. - Free. calendar