It’s all about the giving…

Seldom do folks reach out to the career centers and say, “I want to give you something.” When professional photographer Channing Johnson did this on a spring day in 2018, we were amazed, grateful and encouraged. He was offering free portraits to our customers for use in their LinkedIn accounts – both timely and needed. Channing is a professional photographer who gives the word “personal” true meaning.  He beautifully portrayed the essence of the people in their pictures. We smiled and cheered as he photographed our career center customers – capturing all of their hope and potential. This is not a promotion of Channing’s work, but a simple thank you for giving back and in that giving finding the aspirations and abilities of those looking back at you.


If you have time please check Channing out at – and smile.


In appreciation,

Janice Philpot

System Director

Metro North Region Career Centers