Premium (nominal fee) Services

You may qualify for free services if you meet income eligibility guidelines.

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10% discount with the purchase of two or more group workshops with a total price of $100 or more.

Pre-registration is required for all premium workshops.

Please pre-register at our library desk or by calling 781.932.5518.

Personal/Professional Development

Job-Search Networking Group
Stay motivated with focused networking, and job leads. New job search topics presented at each meeting. Meetings are held weekly. more info - $15 for Lifetime Membership.
LinkedIn Tips
This hands-on class will allow you to use your LinkedIn account to complete your Profile and become an "All Star" (100%). Tips will be given on beating unemployment stigma as well as how to communicate your brand and establish credibility with your target audience. Learn to manage your connections and endorsements, optimize your profile and adjust your profile for better visibility. Get tips on joining groups and building discussions. Prerequisite: LinkedIn I class a must. The LinkedIn I prerequisite class is a free training program. The cost of LinkedIn Tips is $35. calendar
Résumé Doctor
30 minute "Over-the-Counter" Prescription for a Results-Oriented Résumé. Please call 781.932.5518 to schedule your appointment. more info - $25.
WorkSmart Customer Service
Extensive 20-hour course in customer service skills. This course uses behavioral objectives, demonstrations, skills practice, and reinforcement to learn appropriate ways of providing excellent customer service. Instructor presents major learning points, leads a discussion on the advantages of the skill, and demonstrates the skill. Participants practice through role-play situations, group cases, and exercises. schedule and fees
Free Professional Development Workshops
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Technical Development

Basic Computer Skills Level II
Hands-on course focuses on basics of using the desktop, taskbar, icons, and using multiple windows. Learn the basics of several software programs, file and folder management, as well as Internet tips. Prerequisite: Keyboarding skills or Basic Computer I class. The Basic Computer I prerequisite class is a free training program. The cost of Basic Computer Skills Level II is $35. calendar
Microsoft Access
Learn the basics of Access 2016 necessary for data entry and data retrieval. Learn to design tables, queries, forms, and reports. Prerequisites: proficient in basic computer skills. - $109. calendar
Microsoft Excel Level I
Learn about the Excel 2016 environment and how to create and format worksheets. Learn to create, copy, and link formulas. Use AutoSum and statistical formulas. Create and edit multiple worksheets. Print worksheets. Prerequisite: Keyboarding and Basic Computer II class - 5 hours - $109. calendar
Microsoft Excel Level II
Learn database functions used to manage data, including Sort, Filter and Subtotal. Learn how to manipulate data using Pivot Tables. Learn how to color-code data using conditional formatting and "what if" data analysis. Prerequisites Excel I course. - 4 hours -$99. calendar
Microsoft Excel Level III
Learn advanced formulas in Excel 2016 including If functions, vlookup functions and SumIF functions. Chart data from worksheets. Learn macros, importing data, and protecting worksheets. Prerequisites Excel II course. - 4 hours -$99. calendar
Microsoft Outlook
In this hands-on course you will learn quick tips and detailed instruction on using Outlook 2016 features including creating, flagging, and categorizing emails. Working with folders and rules to organize emails, creating distribution lists, auto signatures, managing contacts, and appointing tasks, using calendar views, scheduling appointments and meetings. Prerequisite: Ability to use a mouse well and have adequate typing skills. MS Word knowledge preferred. - $109. calendar
Microsoft PowerPoint Level I
Learn MS PowerPoint 2016 and how to create, edit, modify, and enhance effective professional presentations that include transitions, animations and sound. Prerequisites: Knowledge of Microsoft Word or Basic Computer Skills II class - $109. calendar
Microsoft PowerPoint Level II
Learn tips to jazz up your PowerPoint 2016 presentations with animation, audio and video effects. Learn the use of a master to make updates easily to all your slides. Learn to add links to Word & Excel, grouping/ungrouping, and charts, Prerequisites: PowerPoint I course - $99. calendar
Microsoft Word Level I
Learn about the Word 2016 environment and how to create and format documents for personal and business use with fonts, indents, bullets, tabs, headers & footers, picture images, and word art. Perquisites: Keyboarding and Basic Computer II class. - $109. calendar
Microsoft Word Level II
Learn how to use advanced topics in MS Word 2016 such as Mail Merge, Macros, Labels, Styles, Table of Contents, and Templates. Prerequisites: Word Level I course - $99. calendar
This QuickBooks training class covers the fundamentals of using QuickBooks 2013 to track the finances of a small business. Students will get acquainted with the QuickBooks environment and be introduced to using everyday transactions needed to keep track of selling, buying, inventory, employees, and vendors. - $109. calendar
WorkSmart: Microsoft Office Specialist Program
Learn more about this extensive program
Free Technical Development Workshops
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