Microsoft Office Specialist Program

Job-winning skills enhancement:

Many positions in a business setting today require proficiency in the Windows environment and the use of Microsoft Office computer applications. This training program is designed to develop key computer skills using MS Office applications, and bring the user to ‘proficient’ level in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Access. Participants explore beginning and intermediate concepts, as well as tools and tips designed to help users become more productive in the workplace.

Many workers are not earning their full potential for one reason... lack of basic computer skills. Learn how to create documents, reports, spreadsheets and presentations. Add valuable skills to your résumé to obtain a great job.

Is your Unemployment Insurance running out? If so, you may meet income guidelines to attend WorkSmart free of charge.

Program Components:

Microsoft Office Professional 2016

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Access

Customer Feedback:

"I just finished the WorkSmart course with Jan Romano and I wanted you to know how great it was. I have used Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for years and yet found the program very helpful and beneficial. I learned many new tips and tricks, in addition to new advance functions. Jan does a great job keeping the class moving and covering a lot of information. Of all the classes I have taken in my career search journey this is definitely at the top of the list."

"Jan is an amazing instructor. Thanks for breathing life into the tools we need for our jobs!"


WorkSmart is a four-week program.

The program is repeated throughout the year.

a program began Tuesday, June 20, and runs
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8:30 to 1:30
a program begins Tuesday, July 25, and runs
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8:30 to 1:30
check our calendar for schedule updates.
Pre-registration is required.
To pre-register, please contact:
Kathy Andre
phone: 781.932.5523


$150/module; $500 full program*
*WorkSmart may be free to you if you meet income eligibility guidelines.

Low Income Guidelines:

1:  $11,770
2:  $18,509
3:  $25,413
4:  $31,366
5:  $37,017
6:  $43,286
7:  $49,555
8:  $55,824